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Who is Urbanymphoto?

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Urban Nymph Photo is nothing more than a chick with a camera. A chick with a camera who doesn't take photos of babies, pregnant women, or weddings. Not that any of these things are bad (I've experienced all of them myself)—I'm just not into light, airy, posed and overbooked photo sessions.

I love the city and the people in it. I love urban landscapes, urban flowers, taxis, grime, movement, and a lot of other weird, gritty stuff. And my boys. They feature prominently in my work. But you'll notice they're in urban landscapes, not wooded fairy lands or holding hands and gazing at each other. (Ok, once in awhile I get a shot of them looking at each other, but those shots are rare and usually the older one is looking at the younger one with a WTF look on his face.)

Cities. I Love 'Em.


It snows in Denver. Don
This is my home. Born and raised. It's gotten ridiculously populated since weed became legal. Thank God I work from home and don't have to drive too much. (And no, I don't smoke pot.)

We're still not a really BIG city. We just have too many fucking people. Which means a lot of photo opportunities when you're into urban images. And yes, we get snow. So don't move here.


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My home away from home. At least once a year. Some of my favorite people live in Chicago.

I love this city. The food, the river, the architecture, the art, the music… Did I mention the food? Chicago is awesome. I never get bored walking around the city. There's always something to do and something to take a picture of.
My kind of town, Chicago is.
Frank Sinatra


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And then there's NYC. Denver is my home. Chicago is one of my favorite places. But New York City. That's where it's at. There's just something about New York that grabs at my heart.

New York City is mystical. It's the only place on earth where the hype lives up to the real thing. All the times you've seen NY in a supporting role in your favorite movie—it's all that. The light is unreal. It's why photographers, film makers, models, actors, and anyone creative with disposable income and no kids all move there.

And those buildings? They're massive! To quote my teen, who is skeptical of everything, "Holy shit. These building are amazing!"

And the food. Sure, the Chicago dog is pretty damn good. But New York doesn't even need to have their own dog. They just have the hotdog. On every corner and in every park. (And they're all good!) Chicago has deep dish pizza. NY has, well, NY pizza. (Being a fan of thin crust, NY wins every time.) Don't get me wrong. Denver has some good food too. But it's not Chicago or NY food.

So that's who Urban Nymph Photo is, in a nutshell. A chick with a camera who loves the city.
All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful, but the beauty is grim.
Christopher Morley