While out and about early one Saturday, I was heading to There… for a bite of brunch and some studying. I was informed that they were closed until 11:00 for a monthly burlesque brunch. Disappointed, I headed to the coffee shop a block away and hunkered down to get my learning on. After an hour, though, burlesque brunch sounded much better than rehashing the ADDIE framework, so back to There… I went. By chance, I had my camera bag with me!

I secured a spot at the bar, ordered bottomless sangria, and sat back to enjoy the show. That’s when I saw Bender Flames, and knew I wasn’t going anywhere for the next few hours. These are some of my favorite shots of the day.

Bender Flames

The host(est) with the most(est).

Cherry Pop Pop Poppins

Her Cher puts Cher to shame.

Maya Tetons

Her name says it all.

Ziggy Starlust

An old soul.

To top it off, here are two from my Canon EOS-3. Film is not dead!

If you enjoyed these, there are more from this great show. You can check out all of my There… Burlesque Brunch photos on Flickr.


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