I’ll even let you hold the remote control.

Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

I am not a professional photographer. And I am most definitely not a wedding photographer. So when my dear friend Sorcha asked me to photograph her and Dave’s small, casual wedding, I said “no.” Then, after talking it through with Sorcha and setting very clear (and low!) expectations, I said “yes.” I knew there would be lots of challenges including harsh mountain light at the exact time of the ceremony, a tight space with which to work, and the fact that I am not a professional.

Welcome to our Wedding! When I arrived at the house, I was greeted by this lovely sign. I remembered that Sorcha and Dave had a funny sign in their kitchen, and knew it was perfect for the day.

Let’s get drunk and talk absolute shite.
A mountain house wedding needs a decorated mountain view.
It takes a village.
Excited. ❤️
Here comes the bride!
The groom and the officiant. They just happen to be great friends.
The bride, Sorcha, and her cousin, Sorcha.
An emotional day for Sorcha and her brother.
Pauly and Sorcha.
A joyful celebration.
The happy couple.
Time to party! 🥂

It was a delightful day and a wonderful ceremony. I am honored that Sorcha and Dave think enough of me to ask me to document such an important day in their lives. A professional might have captured more ‘professional’ photos, I think I captured the emotion and depth that Sorcha and Dave were looking for. I was terrified by the experience, but came through it a better photographer. Will I ever do it again? Hell no!

Check out my Sorcha and Dave Wedding album on Flickr to see all my pictures from the happy day.

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