After not buying any photo gear (kind of) for a year, I succumbed to GAS again (gear acquisition syndrome) when I found a great deal on a pre-owned M.Zuiko 20mm/f1.4 lens. This lens was not on my radar (nothing was on my radar), but, while curating MFT images for a Flickr group I administer, I came across a few wonderful images that were taken with this lens. Aside from seeing images online, I did zero research into this lens. Was that a big mistake? The jury is still out.

I’ve taken this lens out, with my EM1.ii on three occasions, each one a challenging situation due to either low light, or moving subjects. So the first thing I noticed — this lens hunts for focus in low light. All. The. Time. I think this is the worst M.Zuiko — sorry, OM — lens I own in this regard. Perhaps it’s not fair to take a lens out the first few times and subject it to such challenging situations without getting to know each other first, but that’s how and what I shoot. I was excited for an extra stop of light, then disappointed at it’s lethargic low-light focus.

I’m attempting to work through this, and I need to take this lens out for some ‘normal’ shooting. Until then, hare are some images from our first three outings

Denver’s Christkindl Market

Hot Soups
Peace on Earth. The Denver City and County building at Christmas.
Denver’s City and County building, decked out for the holidays.
Don’t mind if I do.
Shelter from the cold.
Always look up.

Around my ‘Hood

Downtown Englewood. When done right, this lens does render some lovely bokeh.
Englewood Grand
Downtown Englewood at Night
Where scooters come from

The Denver Aquarium

Emerald tree boa
Brown sea nettles
Brown sea nettles

See all my M.Zuiko OM 20MM F.14 images on Flickr.

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